Friday, August 9, 2013

Diva Challenge #130: Leaving the comfort zone

This week's challenge from The Diva was a Use My Tangle (UMT) challenge where she randomly selected a pattern created and submitted by a follower. This week's UMT was "Henna Drum" created by Jane MacKugler, CZT.

I knew right away how I wanted to use Henna Drum, and then I used my newly created "tangle box" (formerly "tangle jar" as invented by Sandy Hunter, CZT) to add a feature based on random selection. I was annoyed that I drew "shade with red." I've never used colour in my tangles before and didn't feel ready to start. The outcome demonstrates the beauty of the tangle box, which forces me to try new things. I'm really delighted with the result! 

I particularly enjoyed this challenge because the assigned pattern was not a rigid, grid based, structured pattern, which I typically find easier to use. I love the look of free form random tangles, but I never quite know how to make them fit. (They don't have to fit but I tend to prefer that they do). I really love the Zentangle that I ended up with and have already started using Henna Drum in a larger piece! 

I could dub this challenge "leaving the comfort zone" because I did two new things that I have been avoiding. I imagine I'm not the first person completing challenges to feel this way :D

Meanwhile, my shading of Bunzo never works out how I planned. Maybe I need to make the pattern bigger for the shading to work. 

The Diva Challenge #130, An Original Zentangle by Meghan Woods, August 9, 2013


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