Friday, October 11, 2013

Diva Challenge #139

The Diva's Challenge this week was to use 8s Parte Dos in a tangle. I had to practice this tangle a bit in my sketchbook and look at how other people were using it to understand it, but it was worth the effort. I would like to see more success in the future with making it look 3D.


  1. This is gorgeous! Especially I like the way you draw this black and white background. Wonderful depth!

    1. Thanks Lonetta! Your feedback made me look at it in a different way because I didn't realize I'd included a background, but I did and like it!

  2. Great!! It's really bold and beautiful and the shading is also very well done.

  3. I think making things look 3-D is a talent/skill that can be difficult. You did achieve this both with your shading and the bold line in the thinner sections. When I look at it, it almost looks like beaded material laying on top of a striped fabric.

  4. I really like the way you spaced out the 8 dots! Nice job.

  5. Like a canopy on a candy strip!! nice


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