Thursday, November 7, 2013

Diva challenge #143

This week's challenge was to use the new pattern "Cruze" by CZT Caren Mlot.  You can see the step outs for this tangle here

I like this pattern but found it really hard to incorporate, so a good challenge for me. I went maximalist but think I'll do another one with more of a minimalist style. I am looking forward to seeing what other people did with theirs to see if I get some ideas of how to use this type of tangle. 

Note, this is not drawn on a renaissance tile. It's just the lighting that makes the tile look creamy. I could have edited the colour but it looks nice so I left it. Thx! Meg


  1. This is a beautiful tile! Great choice of tangles and wonderful shading!

  2. Thanks everyone! I just used the tangle card and the dice that comes in the green box for this one.

  3. Very nice shading! I think you did a great job using cruze!

  4. Nice job. I like how the Cruze seems to hover over the other tangles.


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