Monday, November 11, 2013

Zendala Dares #80, #79, and #78

Today is Remembrance Day, and I am grateful to the people who have given their lives and fought for the freedom I enjoy in Canada today. Thank-you.

Zendala Dare #80

I went crazy with colour for the Zendala Dare #80. I started off with the beginnings of wired in the center, but it turned into tons and tons of aura, which I think coloured in with gel pens.

Erin gave us the additional challenge to tangle outdoors, but I decided to pass on this one. It's been bitterly cold and windy here in Regina, Sask., and I think I'll stay indoors where it's warm (and where there are babies, cats, and dogs to cuddle with). :D My thoughts were on the outdoors though so maybe that counts a little.

I had my iPad set up beside my workstation for this zendala, so I took pictures as I went along. I always think it's neat when people do that. What I like is that I could have stopped at any step along the way but went for full out colour. 

Zendala Dare #79

For the life of me, I couldn't get rid of that blank spot between the above pictures and this paragraph. 

I think my second submission for Zendala Dare #79 is hilarious. I completed it over two days, and I think I had a complete mood shift during the 24 hours between doing the two inner circles and the two outer circles. This is my second submission and I submitted my first with this template in my previous blog entry.

Big thank-you to Rick and Maria for bringing Zentangle to my life. I just love it and will be grateful always.

Here are three of my submissions hanging in my Zentangle spot in my kitchen (on the right). 

Zendala Dare #78

I really liked the template for Zendala Dare #78, but I didn't get a chance to submit it until now. I completed two very different zendalas using the template. The first one has a lot of colour using coloured pencils.

Here's a picture of this completed zendala on my display shelf in my office.

Here's my second submission for Zendala Dare #79. It's very different from the first. I was excited to use Pauline's Pigtail here. 

Other ZIA

Here's something I just did in my spare time. It's on a watercolour washed postcard.

I think I need to calm down for awhile when it comes to Zentangle. I did quite a few challenges and dares this week, and it's been intense. Nick and I bought our first house, and we're moving November 26. I think I may take a step back from challenges (and deadlines) for awhile and focus on using Zentangle to meditate, be mindful, and remain grounded during the busy weeks ahead.

Here we are by the sold sign of the house we bought:


  1. You were quite busy and with a great result! Thanks for the photo's of the zendala in progress.

  2. Yes, indeed! You were very busy! All zendalas are beautiful. I can´t decide for a favorite. Each of them has his own characteristic impression. Very nicely done! Also I like your Zia. It´s great!

  3. Your zendala #80 is AMAAAAAZING! I'm a super huge fan of color... lots of bright, saturated color, & this one is totally up my alley! & the outer edge looks like... glitter? Is that glitter? Whatever it is, the effect is really cool. Your #79 also hits that awesome color spot for me. & BOTH of your #78's are fantastic!

    1. Hey Kathryn! I think that my colour fixation of this past week was triggered by one of your recent zendalas, actually. I kept thinking of you when I was adding colour. I am more likely not to do colour, so it was an interesting departure from tradition for me! The sparkle on the outer circle comes from glitter gel pens.

    2. I will ALWAYS take someone thinking of me when using color as a HUGE compliment! Thanks!

  4. wow busy busy very nice work and congratulations on your new home


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